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About Us


Hello.Welcome to UrbanSoil.
So glad your'e here.

We have been working on sustainable products for pretty much a year. We lead the charge toward going green with eco-friendly bamboo straws. We provide restaurants and bars with biodegradable straws made from bamboo fiber.
Since we started selling biodegradable straws back in September 2019, we’ve been spreading awareness on the importance of reducing plastic waste.
UrbanSoil is deeply inspired by the witnessed potential of utilizing bamboo in daily lives. Bamboo, which is naturally a raw material without processing, is a tool for providing sustainable, earth-friendly, chemical free products to urban communities.

Throughout the process of constructing our business model, we have established these values and concepts which we embedded onto the foundation of our company:

Create a business model that not only creates products for bamboo, but educates the consumer market on its benefits.

Provide livelihood opportunities for indigenous people in the bamboo sector.

Develop market linkages for bamboo products.

Promote bamboo entrepreneurship and partnerships.

Promote awareness of using natural products.

Giving Back: We're making continuous effort to make this planet more breathable for our future generations.
Thank you for choosing to shop with UrbanSoil!